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Dear Sir or Madam,
We hereby declare that all elements of design used by our company are symbolic. They refer to mythology and Scandinavian culture as well as motorcycling and sports clubs. They serve as the corporate visual identity. At the same time, they have nothing to do with nationalism or fascism.
Elements used by us:
• symbol of the number 44 – refers to the character of a freedom fighter from the literary work titled “Dziady” part III by Adam Mickiewicz;
• Maltese cross – this is a historical knight’s cross, symbolizing knightly virtues;
• sword – It is an attribute of warriors and knights, refers to the Middle Ages and symbolizes valor;
• eagle – symbolizes strength, heroism, victory and justice;
• shields – reflect coat-of-arms or emblems, refer to Scandinavian style, history and culture.
At the same time, we would like to emphasize that the runic symbol of our company originated from the so-called two runes – Kenaz and Kaguz. They mean resistance and zeal. They refer directly to Scandinavian culture and Nordic beliefs.
In addition, the names we use:
• Nordic Division – is the name of a motorbike group. Due to the fact that its founding member was Danish, it contains the “Nordic” member. “Division” means “group of people”;
• Nord Storm – is nothing but a “storm on the seas of the north” and at the same time a reference to the fascination with Scandinavian mythology. All designs used in this collection have only ornamental character;
• Death Rider – refers to the style of motorcycle clubs, designs of this collection are chosen by motoring passionates.
We would also like to strongly emphasize that the following:
• skulls – have a strictly decorative character;
• helmets – have a strictly motorcycle character.
We declare that the above symbols and word expressions are purely symbolic and artistic. They relate to the fascination with the culture of Scandinavia. At the same time they do not refer to and do not represent Nazi, nationalist or racist symbols. They are an expression of the artistic message.
Dobermans Aggressive